The gx world release tickets

At the release of the gx world, some were given sr/ur tickets.

The ur tickets worked fine.
If you had f.e. 2x ur, you could claim them one at a time.

The same didnt apply to the sr tickets.
If you had f.e. 3x sr, you could only claim them all 3 at once.
This could result in regretful decision making due to cards getting in the forbidden limited list, cards you picked being obtainable in the crowler event right afterwards and such.

I have read how other people experienced this too.

Is there anything we can try to achieve by letting Konami know?
Like an gx release sr ticket refund?

Is this is can be called a bug right?


Answer List

No it wasnt fully up to the players who redeemed the ticket.

You couldnt claim any sr if you didnt claim all 3 at once. Giving you only the choice all 3 or none.

Whereas this wasnt the case with the ur.

Meaning the sr were clearly bugged.

You should have been able to claim the sr tickets one at a time too.

In that context a refund of your sr tickets would make sense.
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I doubt that Konami is going to give a refund due to this. It was still up to the players who redeemed the tickets
noway around it,got to use them all at once

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The prince is rewarding Ariel for saving him while she is nervously popping stinkers up his nose
The prince is rewarding Ariel for saving him while she is nervously popping stinkers up his nose
gozuki can at least be stopped by canadia and vamps actually run cards like econ very frequently
Sure. Glad that I could help you!
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