Kaiba cup rewards

No Dark Necrofear or Destroyersaurus in the Kaiba cup rewards.

What do you think?
Is this a sign that those events (Bakura and Roaring Rex) will come to duelinks soon?

26days ago


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19days ago
Dark Necrofear is UR.
20days ago
I hope so
20days ago
It's stupid
20days ago
as and older player I just can agree - guess you're right
21days ago
25days ago
I have no idea (relatively new player) but my insight is that: Roar Rex only appear once before so surely gonna be again in future; Bakura remained event-exclusive-unlockable character (unlike pegasus paradox at gate) so yeah I believe bakura yes

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I'd say throw in some gagagigos and us a legendary ocean instead of umi
And here i got a prismatic Byser Shock like... "WTF!! WHY BYSER SHOCK??!?!"
Mmmh I don't know. It has never happened with me. Sorry :/
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