How difficult was it for y'all to get CB Mammoth?

I dueled Jesse countless times and I got every single card but CB Mammoth. How are y'all going on about getting it?


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got 3 ang got extremely lucky that jesse deck sucked and i farmed him constantly with dark paladin
I got 1 too
I got two of them. But by then, the event was just about over. Also got one tiger, two cats, and way too many of those Carbuncle critters.
I only managed to get 1 copy until the final hour of the event. Two popped up as rewards from the same duel, I was like "thank f*ck".
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Got 3 but only 1 tiger :/
I managed to get 3 of each card. CB Mammoth was a though cookie to obtain, many tries
For me, just got one copy.
Got more than 3 of everything but rainbow life. Farmed consistantly from start to end of event. (Especially tiger, once i got 2 of them in one kill.)
I don't really care about g4y life since i don't like stall decks. 3 Skyblaster is more than enough for me
from the monsters i only got 1 tiger wtf i this luck

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As someone who runs Trap Monsters like Tiki Curse IRL, I have to say that Duel Links isn't s...
What are y'all talking about this card can't come quick enough
konami are a bunch of inbred pickle sniffers
konami are a bunch of inbred pickle sniffers
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