Kc Cup disconnects

I haven't seen it yet I've only played 3 matches but I've heard a lot of disconnects losses like last time can anyone comfirm?


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Not even making this up. Just played another two..... both disconnect
Jesus Christ. Disconnected 12 times already. Can’t get past lvl 11 because of this crap.
I played 4 in a row.... disconnected all of them! I’m sat next to my router.
yes keep getting kick out
I has happen to me
I f@cking just pushed to lv12. So many disconnects right when I was winning or had the combo going. I just gave up.
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Everyone needs to go to survey, give a bad review and demand retribution, like gems or SR/UR/R Ticket.

So many of us lost too much points where we couldn't keep momentum.


There apparently discussion that its the steam version that caused the increase of DC.
i lost 21DP in total without doing anything, from 38k DP to 7k DP i feel lack motivation since i keep losing when the game didnt even start
Yes, it's true.
To me it happened: I really hate it when I get a disconnect right before I am about to win the game

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What are y'all talking about this card can't come quick enough
konami are a bunch of inbred pickle sniffers
konami are a bunch of inbred pickle sniffers
so can someone explain to me how this crystal beast blue eyes deck is supposed to work
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