Should I reset Blades of Spirits?

I got 20 packs and already got Great Shogun Shien, but none of good SR (Enishi, Powerful Rebirth etc.)?


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Open all 80 packs before restarting.
If you believe in the heart of the cards, you should be able to get Powerful Rebirth regardless of resetting.
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Get Enishi before restarting
no, you need powerful rebirth, and harpie dancer.
Yes, you already got the jackpot.
only if your goal is a six samurai deck. But I would go for 3 Powerful rebirth.

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Drastically? If there are any changes, they're more likely to happen slowly. From what I und...
*would have been fine
Are you for real?
As if you'll even be able to use your dream ticket on the box. Last time, the dream ticket c...
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