Glitch: Does anyone know why SoB doesnt work for Mokuba's Monstermorph: Evo Skill

Ive got a spell card called Scroll of Bewitchment, and lv2 and lv3 dragons and im trying out a deck comboing with Mokubas Skill from a lv2 to a lv3 dragon. Im trying to get SoB into the combo of two different dragons that have different attributes. description of Mokubas Skill is on here.

Situation (log):
turn 1: set Sob. end turn
turn 2: player 2 summons Axe Raider. attacks 1700 damage. ends turn
turn 3: player1 puts down <lv2> dragon in attack position. activates SoB changes attribute to similar to the one desired. ends turn
turn 4: player2 tributes and sets monster face down. ends turn.
turn 5: player 1 (looks for the [activate skill button]) doesnt find it.
turn 6: player 2 flips Kazejin. attacks a lv2 dragon.
player 1 flips over and lays on his tummy.

need help .o.O.


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There's 2 versions of the skill, one for a higher level and one for a lower level... I know because I have them both.

Monstermorph: Evolution
Monstermorph: Devolution

Only thing I can think of is the sub-text "the monster must be able to be Normal Summoned), or that SOB only affects attribute while on filed and not in graveyard. Without knowing the exact monsters, it's going to be difficult to tell.
The skill states you get to search for a monster with the same attribute as the tributed monster. In other words, the skill looks for the attribute the monster has AFTER being tributed, which is its original attribute since Scroll of Bewitchment can't equip to a monster in the grave.
Wow that guy with Axe Raider must be a kog.
I just double checked in game and it is higher, not lower as mentioned on the link i provided. What are the exact dragons u r working with?
the skill special summons a 1 lv LOWER (not higher) than one tributed

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