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Can we get some recipes for farming lvl 40 LDs from DM? The recipes available now were based on very limited cards available over a year ago.. For instance I would imagine farming Kaiba now woould be a walk in the park that we have our own 1900 atk lvl 4 monsters... Perhaps update the ones that were problematic or had low success rates (thinking Keith and Ishizu)


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27days ago
Secret Pass and Union Attack (but mostly Union Attack cause you can't get it as F2P if you started right now) are cards that should just be labeled as such: limited. Want to run this LD farm deck? Need a limited, unable-to-get-right-now card. Sure, events will come, but in the meantime the F2P players are wondering what the fuck to do about LD farming (beyond high score cerb, which only works for some duelists)
28days ago
I never tested with Keith, but with Ishizu can work
For Keith: I use Chaos Command Magician with Umi skill

For Ishizu: I use standard Unhappy Girl with Spirit Barrier. However I do not use "secret pass to treasure" as Vassal's attack will get over 1000 with necrovalley. Simply use 3 union attack on Vassal and attack her ATK position monster.
The majority of them work very well and are cards that are for the most part easy to get. Maybe more should be added, but for the most part there is no problem for what already exists.

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I have to tell you guys something, I went out my way 2 say this: I cannot stand this thread any l...
What are the Names of those cards? And which character best suits this deck? Thanks in Advance
"Black Luster 3SD" but only see 1 ritual BLS with 2 Relinquished. Okay.
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