How would you tune down cyberangels(CA)?

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Cyber angels are too strong in ranked pvp.
The gameplay is unhealthy.
If they draw dakini too early, you will likely not have the tools to deal with it and will eat a OTK while unable to fight back properly.

They have the draw power and consistency to do this.

Even econtake on a Dakini could do more wrong than good if they do a 2nd dakini next turn f.e. and you wont be able to deal with a 2nd one so fast.
This is not rare.

I think dakini limited to 2 and possibly also the absolute ritual to 2 would be a good tune down change.


-It can slow down the deck a bit.
-It will still be viable.
-Dakini for a Dakini into econtake becomes punishing as there is no 3rd Dakini to fall back on and cycle the other Dakinis again.

Other solutions:
-Give everyone 5k life, so that you can eat 1400 searcher + 2700 dakini.
-More CA countercards from the cardtrader.

Please share your views.


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decrease attack points of Senju,Bird and Drakini by 100 to avoid 1 shot, and some other shit.
The shared semi-limit between Dakini and MAR is sufficient. Now CA players will be forced to pick between 1 MAR and 1 Dakini or 2 Dakini and 0 MAR. Additionally, CA is quite beatable by certain decks and further nerf of Mind Scan will reduce their consistency when they tend to have no way to deal with backrows.
To the anon below me,

it's not a buff as the limited / semi-limited rules in duel links are super weird i.e. you can only have 1 of any limited type even if they are i different cards and 2 for semi-limited (which is different to the real game)
Why do they buff CA 9 januari 2018?

Dakini limited to 2 BUT MAR will go from 1 to 2.

That is not a nerf overall.
That is a buff.

MAR needs to stay at 1.
nope! hazy flames deck can OTK a CA deck. it's so strong
guys, what the hell are you talking about, this has to be the least crybaby anti-CA post out there.

For the most part, I would agree with your solutions. Nerfing Dakini to 2 copies would be a welcome change and keep CA in the meta. However, putting everyone at 5000 life would be a terrible idea on Konami's part.

Or everyone just runs LP Boost a Keepo
Stop crying so much, i ran this deck to find out what all the fuzz was about. You get shit on pretty much if your opponent know what he's doing. This deck is easy to play thats the only reason why its used so often, oh and coz of nabs like u who keep crying and rage quitting
It's simple, really. Ram your phone into your ass. Then download the Steam version and ram your PC into your moms ass
Cry baby they arent even that hard to beat yea I play cyber angels too but I play a couple other decks too that smoke tf out of ca players or make them quit lol
komoney is forcing us to spend gems on trap hole

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