Which is the best Egyptian god card for PvP ?


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Personally i believe it depends on the stragegy you use obelisk is the beater of the 3 useful for beatstick/beatdown decks slifer is better for keeping opponents on the ropes forcing them to set monsters rather than just attacking off the bat so hes good in stall/exodia decks especially due to the draw aspects while ra is either a final finisher due to its point to point transfer but if used with enough support it can be used as a beatstick but like i say it depends on strategy
Obelisk is best then comes Slifer.... Ra is useless :P
Anyone, maybe obelisk could some thing but Ra and Slifer, (especially Slifer) isn't nothing more than trash.
Dr Unity
slifer the executive producer
Cause all Here are noobs In Duelinks nobody is good . At Anime Style Ra Is By Far The Most Powerful God.
Obelisk without monster is a god with only 4k attack and he can be destroyed from machines with limiter removal=weak
Slifer without cards can be destroyed easily but who will let slifer with 2k only=Good
Ra=Ra can get his attack more than infinity if hes fighting with obelisk and his pheonix mod can destroy a god =MOST POWERFUL
(Pheonix Mode should have 4k attack=like the anime
lol i'd say ra at the moment as its the only one available
None will ever be good in PvP. But as far as 'best' then obelisk for immunity, then slifer for his second ability, then ra because without sphere and pheonix its trash
Winged Dragon of Rah

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Koa'ki neos is the best, it's always played in Meta Weeklys
Are there any suggestions for a new deck, that actually focusses on bringing out Obelisk? I mean ...
Let's say you're attacking a monster with the fire attribute you're supposed to ac...
What? Why did they delete my Jim Crocodile picture?
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