How to Unlock Yugi without event ?

I just got back into duel links this past month and I saw a couple of decks I would like to build. The only problem is that I missed the Yugi event and there are alot of cards that are staples in farming decks and pvp decks. Is there anyway to unlock Yugi ?


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Nope. He comes out this month. Mid Jan. You can get him in like 2 weeks.
Don't worry. Yugi will be at the gate permanently in mid-January; so you will have a chance to unlock him.
To get Yugi Muto, you will either have to wait to the next event where he is available or wait until the game makes him an unlockable character through missions just like they did for Yami Bakura.
he will be at the gate permanently mid-January

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Definitely one of the best Prismatics to have
One of the best SR cards.
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