How to lvl up very fast

Is there any way of lvling characters fast? I'm tired of only 500 experience all the time.


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26days ago
Duel the vagabond. I recommend doing the 1 card opening hand challenge since that gets you the most experience. Even if you lose.
ad a friend
Wait for 1.5x event, that gives 750xp. Also, add a bunch of people, and send them Vagabond with (Opening Hand: 1 card) selected. This is the best Vagabond to duel against, as even losing here gives more xp then winning against most of the other constraints.

If I need to grind, I just put together a deck of high atk lvl 4 mobs, along with spells/traps that boost attack or allow a 2nd attack each turn. I then fight lvl 10 LDs and usually win by 2nd turn.
Build a deck of your 15 strongest 4* or lower monsters with your best 5 equip ATk boosting spells and duel level 10 LDs at the gate constantly youll always win on your second or third turn, takes less than 2 minutes each duel with loading screens. Its how I and others max new duelists in a day or two
anoymous - The Vagabond gives ~1000

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Well at least Jinzo might be effective against deck who rely on taps (If they release the right s...
4-card opening hand in a 20-card deck format should give you BETTER odds of a specific card than ...
Look at the salty this comment make. So many brainless Amazones and Speelbooks HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
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