Stardust Dragon

It wont be for a long time (hopefully a very long time) but how do you think syncros would effect he metagame?

For argument's sake lets just say only Stardust, Red Archfiend and Junk Warrior were released. Plus relevant tuners and simple support cards. Would they fall short in the current format or total dominate over current staples?


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Syncros don't have the monster zones to explode with like the tcg but the variety makes them versatile for messing with the meta which is good. Basically it means players have to think more unlike when usimg decks like sylvains.
i would love syncro monsters in this game
they will come, there are a few leaked files showing characters synchro summoning. However, it won';t dominate the meta.
duel links only uses 3 monster areas and spell/trap area. also, most of the meta decks barely use extra decks except gb.
But they are definitely coming, it's how konami attracts players. some players like 5ds or other series, but don't like the original or gx. It also makes players considering to make in-app purchases.
dumb retards no
i will be waiting for xyz and synchro it will awesome if it release in duel links i want pendulum and link summoning monsters
Syncros and XYZ is shit in duel links because everyone will use same backrows to fuck them up.
The problem is, Duel Links has non-targeting, non-destroying removal (for example, Floodgate Trap Hole, Mirror Wall (which isn't exactly removal, but it still counts), etc), and no monster can get around that (except True Dracos...) so Stardust Dragon wouldn't be that good.
No, they wouldn't change the meta much on their own.

Synchros along with 5Ds world should be out around fall 2018. As Synchros are already in the game's code. Same goes for the other Yugioh Series.
Syncros will never come to duel links, play other video games if u want them

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