stuck at mission 7. Suggestion please?

hi, I posted in another section, so maybe it's wrong. i copy and paste my question here again.

just start this game not too long and i am stuck at GX mission stage 7.

I read that character section that Jaden Yuki can be unlock at mission stage 8.

However, one of the mission in mission stage 7, "Achieve 1 win(s) with 1500 or less LP left in Duels against Jaden Yuki.

So if Jaden Yuki is available at mission stage 8, how am I duel him in mission 7? He's not even at the Gate.

Food for thought.


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Get your DM to stage 8.
You must use a different character besides Jaden in GX world to complete that mission: "Achieve 1 win(s) with 1500 or less LP left in Duels against Jaden Yuki".
Change your GX character from Jaden to Chazz. You can then fight Jaden at the Gate.
You can unlock Jadenat stage 8 in DM, if you go to GX you will automatically have Jaden unlocked and he may show in your DM missions list.
I read that he is starting character of gx world are you sure

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It's a pretty big con. It's a terrible card to topdeck.
Who actually uses this guy?
I played today feb 2019 and in two straigh games I used 5 cards to destroy 1 card and it landed ...
and fodder for a wing beat dragon.
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