Gx Stage 21 fairy duels

No matter how much I use only fairies, and have just fairies in my deck the count won't rise!


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Make sure you are not using tokens, they won't count as fairy.
ive been having the same problem, i used nothing but fairy monsters too, and it still wont work. i sent a message to konami and they said that it does work. so basically they wont help u out on that. i recommend that u send them a message anyway so that if enough people complain about it, they might look into it and do something about it .
just auto duel with Alexis using a cyber angel deck in gx world. It will complete
Send a screenshot of the challenge and one of your deck.
Bro, be careful, check all your monster cards
What exactly does the text say? Are you sure you are dueling with fairies in the GX World? If it just says something like "Use fairies X times", it doesn't count if you're dueling in the DM (original) world.

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