Is there a slifer the sky dragon mat?

I been wondering if summoning it 100 times would it give me a mat for that?


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100 times in one turn
100 sommoun and you will got mat
Hou can also get card sleves i just tot them jou gotta do the finishing blows with slifer allot of times
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Yes you dipshit!
yep there is. i unlocked it yesterday and you get 2 icons as well while unlocking it. icon missions are to summon a divine-beast monster 50-100 times. there is a good zombie deck to farm the mat as well you can find it on youtube
Summoning Ra 100 times gave me a mat. Could be the same for Slifer.

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You are just a fricking hateful destitute F2P. F2P just hopelessly keep whining. Go away and ...
It's not broken. This card only summons "Vehicroid" Fusions, not "roid" ...
I agree it doesn't need it but it's f2p friendly so they'll do it
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