Cyber Angel still Tier 1 post nerf?

With the Dakini nerf, is Cyber Angel still a Tier 1 deck? Now you can either have 2 Dakini 0 MAR, or 1 Dakini 1 MAR. So will this destroy Cyber Angels?


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DEFINITELY NOT. I've been ranking up on the Kaiba Cup (currently lv 16). I run 1 Dakini and 1 MAR those two combined with Saffira and HOL are enough to protect my Dakini with those ritual spell in the grave effects. Post nerf CA still have fight in them just got to use your head.

let the cancer angels die already
It is NOTHING NEAR tier1 anymore. Without MAR or 3 dakini, you will have a hard time handling all those backrows. And without mind scan, you will need more than common reading skills.
For the real players, CA is a balanced deck now. For the old CA players, CA is dead now. Don't be sad. Wait a few more boxes till another broken sh1t comes to the game.
"Grow up and use a real deck that requires skill and understanding of the game."
Sounds like you don't understand you're playing a card game that requires 0 skill, only accruement of information and basic math & reasoning.
no, its not. Grow up and use a real deck that requires skill and understanding of the game.
Considering the meta right now there is no Tier 1 deck the most close to a tier 1 is REZ but not quite there yet and it can do much better overall than nerfed Dakini so no dakini tier 2~3
No way it isa tier 1 deck with 0 Backroll and much less recycling power and consitence.
lol yeah they can still hold their own. For the most part all you can really do to beat cyber angels is the ole steal the cyber angel enemy controller strat which I think is pretty funny.
I havent had any issues I went KOG about as fast as I usually do Ive only every had 2 dakinis so Im used to it.

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When does it come out
Yeah, we already have Underworld Fighter Balmung, which is good for Aromage too.
.......there are much better cards to farm with than this.....
Normal Summoned, Flip Summoned, and Tribute Summoned are three specific, separate things, althoug...
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