Why can’t I unlock or delete my deck?

I can’t unlock the deck. I delete it because it won’t unlock. It gives me a server error message and reboots when I try to save or use the deck.


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I messaged konami and they said they would fix it next maintenance
How do you make a deck with cards you don't have?
Silly question, but does the deck contain cards that you do not yet have?
Try to uninstall the game and redownload it
i have the same error i dont know how to fix it

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What should I get with the anniversary tickets?

I was considering Frost and Flare Dragon since it's one of the few I don't have yet but...

Duel Links PC Keeps Re-downloading Data

So I accidentally changing data language from EN to JP, which makes me re-download everything all...

Do you get a mat for summoning Slifer the Sky Dragon 100 times?

I been summoning him a couple of times now and does it reward the person for summoning it 100 times?

Cyber Angel still Tier 1 post nerf?

With the Dakini nerf, is Cyber Angel still a Tier 1 deck? Now you can either have 2 Dakini 0 MAR,...

Gx Stage 21 fairy duels

No matter how much I use only fairies, and have just fairies in my deck the count won't rise!

Will the cards from the selection box be available again in new later boxes?

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Is there a slifer the sky dragon mat?

I been wondering if summoning it 100 times would it give me a mat for that?

Do you think they will release again Marik to unlock and Ra?

I have been playing this game for 3 weeks now

Stardust Dragon

It wont be for a long time (hopefully a very long time) but how do you think syncros would effect...

how can a toon monster be destroyed with 1 toon world and toon kingdom it don’t make sense

They can destroy one of my cards that keeps my toons on the field knowing I have two on the field...



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Stardust Acceleration. (You can check this yourself in the in-game Card Catalogue.) You can Su...
Or his effect could get negated. Or you could Summon it with something that doesn't Synchro ...
Very delude people
You're kind of right. I'd expect the next event to feature it in his Deck, and us to ge...
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