Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers needs an effect description update?

I was dueling on pvp with my Mariña deck and i was about to beat someone when he pulled out his Relinquished and took over my Mariña, he then killed my Botanical girl but my Mariñas effect didnt activate, I thought maybe the description said it had to be on my control, but it doesnt say that, it says it has to be face up on field, so i was like “maybe Relinquished ability negates the monsters effects once it takes over them, but it doesn’t say that either, anything im missing?


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Marina says when a plant is destroyed, relinquished doesn't destroy it, it equips it. It'd be the same thing for cards that send or tribute the monsters
Just think, if you used Relinquished to equip a Seargeant Electro and then you could use his effect to shut down your opponents backrow, that would be unfair and ridiculous and overpowered. Monsters equipped to monsters cannot activate effects unless their text specifically says so.
Marina's effects do not activate once she become's a monster equipped to Relinquished. She is no longer a monster with an effect that activates, she's just an equipped card to Relinquished that gives him attack. She's in the spell/trap zone, she's basically a spell card now, she's no longer treated as a monster and as with any monster equipped to Relinquished her effects will not activate.

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Make your move... GO xD
It doesn't fit the archetype, dumb ass. Of course it's going to be good sometimes, ...
I highly doubt we will get Obelisk Blue Zane, simply because it would pretty much be the same dec...
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