GX stage 24 4 fusion summons in one duel.

I do not know how I can do that. I cannot think of a deck that will do 4 fusions in one duel.


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11days ago
It's possible, I have done it. Just use 3 polymerizations and miricale fusion
21days ago
I used Chazz with Dragonic fusion, and had a few dragon fusions in the deck, with substitute materials and fusion reserve. With three polymerisations and dragon's mirror, and fusion reserve, u can make the 4 fusions
I did this with Ojamas and polymeryzation and flash fusion(for this card monsters must be still be correct).
I do this task with a deck of heroes. Battle against LD lvl10. With elemental hero ocean and woodsman you can get all that you need for the 4 fusion
Use Fusion Gate and fusion material substitutes. Then summon lvl 5 or above (Normal, effect, or Ritual) monsters by tributing 2 or 3 fusion monsters on your field.
You could also do an Ojama deck, since Ojama knight counts as an Ojama I think you can keep fusing like that
You're best bet is starting with the Hero Rising starter pack, it comes with two polys and a Fusion Recovery as well as Wroughtweiler. Just make a temp deck with another poly or a Fusion Gate (which is more recommended) and three copies of the material monsters with two copies of the Fusion Monsters. Hell, you get two fusions and materials by spam-buying Ultimate Rising anyway. And if you either level up Joey or unlock Chazz and Alexis, that's three polys.
use a gem-knight deck as they have like 3 fusion cards and 6 fusion monsters, it should be fairly easy to stall with a garnet vs a LV10 LD
In addition to the elemental hero deck recommendations which I wholly support, I have this: I accidentally achieved this requirement at stage 24 using an Ojama lock deck, where I had summoned and lost my Ojama Knight and Ojama King, and using Ojama Country I resurrected them from the graveyard. Maybe it was a bug, but I got credit for the 4 fusions with just those two, having been recalled from the graveyard.
Try a standard elemental hero deck with 3x elemental woodsman, 3x poly, 3x Elemental Hero Neos, 3x elemental hero heat and 3x elemental hero lady heat along with the elemnetal hero neos warrior fusion and the heat and lady heat fusion and go against easy opponent

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