New to the game , which packs should i buy?

I used to have the cardgame back in the days but tbh i’ve never showed any interest in the generations besides
Original duelmonster saga.

So i am pretty clueless on all the those newer generations.

I just recently started this game and i saved up arround 4500 gems,

Could any one help me out by giving me some advise on which packs to buy and what decks to build and where i could find what cards to use and how to obtain them.

Thanks in advance!


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Galaditor best can got King of games if you have a good deck
I would start with decks that have strong UR traps.
You can't get very far without good traps in PvP, and monsters are much easier to add to a build. Plus, most best traps go with practically every deck, while monsters only go with certain deck builds.
don't buy land of titans .
Land of Titans, great combo for plant and baboon.
you can buy dawn of destiny and reset it once you get phoenix and maybe super rush headlong, that gives you a pretty strong deck, or you can buy age of discovery to get daedalus. daedalus deck is a little more f2p friendly though, there are lots of support for the deck in card trader
primal burst definitely, you can build a gem knight deck, jurrac deck, volcanic deck, lightsworn deck, or dark world deck
I recommend Age of Discovery pack, with Daedalus' effect of wiping the whole field you are able to defeat anything with it
Land of the Titans. Definitely go for it!
Dawn of Destiny: Phoenix, Naturia, Super rush.
Servant of Kings: Man-eater, staple spell/trap cards
Blade of Spirits: 1 box is enough to build a strong 6 samurai deck, but useless otherwise.
Dawn of Destiny and Serveant of the Kings for great staple cards

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