Shadow game skill for Marik

If I farm Rex Raptor with paradox brothers can I get the shadow game skill drop from him?? If not how do I get the skill for Marik? Please help


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no you cant because if you want skill you must use the character that have that skill so you must use Marik to farm
Try Casual Duels or PvP. I think the skill drop rate is a lot higher. I tried so long for teachery dicipline from crowler and shadow game from marik. I got the crowler skill first pvp battle and shadow game in the second pvp. Don't know how it's been for other players
If you're really that clueless, just do something easy like Cerberus on someone you pretty much can't fail on, like Rex or Odion. (And yes, you obviously need to use the character you're trying to get a skill on.)
What decks are used with marik to farm LDs?
use marik and farm LDs hello

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