What to do when im full of Gate Keys?

Hi, atm the only thing im doing is farm my LD to lv40 so im playing a lot with all CD around 4/5 per day and im getting A LOT of Gate Keys.
I only know 2 ways to use them:
1) Playing with LD in the Gate (104 keys+56 color keys/duel)
2) Buy color keys at Cardtrader (100 keys/10 color key) but he only appear 2, maybe 3 times at day (and one of these times im sleeping lol)
I was seeing some pople is in the same way but with gems or other items except gems.
What to do in this cases?


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Please post the link, i checked on the page i use when data transfer and nothing. There is other page?
you cannot exchange for prizes
can someone post a link ? I can't find it
1 key = 1 gem exchange on the official Konami site, you need to register account tho
you can visit Konami official website for a cash exchange. There are other items of UR cards such as Monster Reborn, Raigeki, Dark Hole, etc which you can exchange using gate keys. You must login using your konami account and download the dlc to exchange for prizes.
Duel people in the Gate. It's free experience, especially in this scenario, and you can grind SR/UR jewels, gems and skills while doing so. Not a bad way to fill in time while waiting for SD's to respawn.

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same problem here it been 5 days , 3 time a day all 8h i try the card trader and no dna surgery :/
No one cares
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