Armed Dragon Discard?

Are there any good cards to discard using armed dragons effect? Cards like archfiend of gilfer miss timing and i cant think of any others that would have an effect go off.


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also for all of u losers who use level modulation, stop, use that rare card that shuffles 2 wind monsters from your graveyard back to the deck to send one card on the field to the hand. Way better.
mb its been a while since I played, not atk increasing cards, just atk decreasing.

I used Half-Shut and Riryoku to make armed dragon more likely to be useful with his effect, along with the fact that the cards themselves are useful regardless of his effect compared to getting high level mons solely to activate his discard effect.
what i do is instead of butchering my deck with high level monsters, I use cards like riryoku to decrease the monster's atk and increase my armed dragon so that his effect kicks in and i get bonus damage.

So basically get atk increasing or atk decreasing cards instead of focusing on a deck with high atk mons.
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Not really. Not YET that is.
Needle Sunfish and Tackle Crusader are about the only things with high enough ATK that would trigger directly following being sent by Armed Dragon. I guess Gozuki and Delta the Magnet Warrior kinda count. There's also things like Dasher or Green Baboon that want to be in the Graveyard. But honestly, none of these are probably worth pursuing.
Armed Dragon LV10

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I return to the game and Obelisk appears finally.
Took a few months off, not much change here.
Since we got Yugi .. Is there a hope for Marik and Bakura ? Also, I need ObeliskBlue Ryo/Zane b...
This works for lvl 30 and 40. With labyrinth builder
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