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I have recently discovered that the game is now on steam. Considering I spend most of my time on my computer rather than my phone I was excited. But I don't want to transfer my account over I want my account to be on both devices. Is that how it works or do I literally transfer the data over and it leaves my phone.

25days ago


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19days ago
have you logged in to your Steam version with your phones duel links account?
20days ago
Sadly there is no Mac OS version on the steam :(
25days ago
Dont worry, it's the same account! You can play in pc while you are at home and play outside when you need to do smt elsewhere.

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28days ago

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Why is it Rock instead of Machine though?
We need more of those thangs!
Yeah I'm so tilted, that's the best N ever lmao
what are you talking about? R cards are literally the easiest things to get. just need like 10-20...
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