When will Arkana be unlockable again? I started playing after his event


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Thanks seems impossible to have a Decent DM deck without his cards and skills lol
He will never come back and you will remain in the Shadow Realm forever!

(Obviously he will come back at some point, but no one knows when. With that being said i am quite happy with my Level 40 Arkana and my DM deck. Magician's Rod and Dark Magic Curtain do heavy lifting. Hopefully a third Magician's Rod will be available at some point.)
I missed him too and I hope he will be avaliable very soon. I'm so hyped for DM deck but I can't play viable version without his cards.
I imagine that Battle City Begins! will evetually be repeated again like Set Sail for the Kingdom! was. So you will probably get another chance in a month or a few. And eventually, Arkana will probably go to the gate or a bingo game with permanent unlock missions.
no ngger you missed your chance forever!

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backup rider targets. you'll still be locked by lost world.
Good Card for synchro summon. But i think we don’t get it
Too slow, but it's a start.
Not everyone as rich as you are.. please suggest some deck that don't require us to throw mo...
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