How to complete this stage mission?

So, i have these stage missions and there's this one that says that i have to beat jaden with 1500 LP or less. How to do it? as im playing as jaden.


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You need to change your character to duel against Jaden. I recommend using Paradox brothers and their Elements Unite skill. You have 500 LP to start with and you can change the DM gate to GX gate and then duel Jaden to achieve that mission. Make sure to duel Jaden at lvl 10.
Change to a character other than Jaden. Face Jaden LV10 in the Gate. Do some combination of LP-reducing cards like Abyssal Designator and letting him attack you, then beat him. Not a difficult achievement.
You have two options:
1. Go to Duel World (DM) and Duel Jaden in the Gate. Don't worry, this mission can be completed in DM.
2. Complete the Chazz unlock missions, switch to him and Duel Jaden.

Just keep in mind that not only you have to Duel him, but you need to win with 1500 LP or less (Comeback Victory).
But when i change series and i select yugi for example, i get different missions and different stage lvl
to fight jadan plays as someone else.Go to the Yugi side and choose any of them

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