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I got the iPhone X this week and didn’t think to grab my Duelist ID or data x-fer or whatever you have to do to save it. I don’t know my ID and none of my friends play the game. Konami emailed me saying I need the ID is there anyway I can find it or any other way I can recover my account? I’ve sent them in game transaction pics, told them my nickname on there (I think it was accurate) told them everything about my account from my cards, to main characters I use, my personal decks, gems/coins saved up, stage level, basically everything I have done or have on the account. Can they pull anything up from the the Apple Game Center? I’ve spent countless hours and money on card packs on this game. I’m not worried about all the cash I’ve spent mainly all the time invested and the fact I truly love the game. I’ve played since early 2017 and it’s the only phone game I play. I’m so far in the game and have so many cards and rare cards and legendary duelists and decks there is just no way I’m starting over. If anyone knows anything pls help!

27days ago


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19days ago
you need to tell that you buy an iphone x? Do you have a superiority complex or something? you just have to say buy a new cell phone whether it's Android or aifon, not a fucking phone x
26days ago
I went through the exact same thing after busting my old phone on accident. Just follow the procedure and answer the questions they ask to the best of your ability. They recovered mine even without my old ID. Just gave them what they asked for (screencaps of my receipts, info on my last duel, etc.) and it worked out. I hope it works out for you!
26days ago
If you don't have done anything to save your account, like Konami ID, you will not be able to keep you account in your iPhone X
27days ago

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