Why would Elemental Hero Neos Knight Vs. Amzoness Swords Woman lead to damage?

Neos knight does no damage when attacking, but while dueling a Vagabond that had one out which I reduced to 0 atk via wall of d, I attacked with a Neos Knight and received damage. I also appeared to receive 800 extra. knight was flat 2500 and mathmatically Amazoness was reduced 2400 from 1600 to -800 if it would have been applicable. The damage I got was 3300.


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Your opponent will not take damage from Neos Knight, is not the same as preventing Swordswoman from doing damage to you. Completely unrelated abilities.
Pretty sure that cause of Amzoness Swords Woman's effect you still take the damage of the battle done between the two monster even tho your opponent doesnt take any battle to thier life point cause of Hero neos effect. I dunno about the 800 more damage maybe there was something you missed.
Yes I've also noticed there's a programming error with WoD, it can reduce ATK below zero.
Your opponent takes no battle damage from Neos Knight, not sure about the other numbers though.

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