1 pack and 10 packs difference

I still don't get it. What is the difference if i buy 1 pack of deck and buy 10 packs of the same deck?


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Buying one pack at a time is better if you are aiming to get a specific copy of a card. For example, you pull 7 packs and got the single card you wanted. You can do a box reset and start pulling again for another copy of the card, saving the gems you would have spent on 3 packs of worthless garbage you would have pulled from doing a 10.
There is no difference. Morons assume that if you buy 10 packs, you get a better chance to get an SR/UR which is BS. It's called 'repetition'. If you buy packs repeatedly, there's a higher chance you'll get something compared to if you just buy one. Buying the 10 pack bundle doesn't literally give you a better chance than if you buy 1 pack 10x.
Personally, I use the 10-pack thing as an excuse to pace myself. I don't typically buy single packs until I'm close to the end of a box. (At which point, I HEAVILY suggest buying them individually, it will often save you a few packs' worth of gems.) But yeah, it's just there for convenience. Duel Links boxes have a fixed amount of each card, and the distribution isn't affected by how many you buy at once. I've had 2 Ultras and 2 Supers in the last 10 packs buying nothing but 10-at-a-time before, and I've had 2 Ultras in the last 2 packs before. It's just RNG.
You mean box, right?? If so, in my opinion the only difference is the time wasted on it

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