How to set up data transfer

I about to get a new phone and i don't won't get the phone until I know how to set up data transfer


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This question is waiting for your answer. Look forward to your kind help!

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Duel Links on steam

I have recently discovered that the game is now on steam. Considering I spend most of my time on ...

How to complete this stage mission?

So, i have these stage missions and there's this one that says that i have to beat jaden wit...

Aqua dolphin

does anyone think aqua dolphin would make a good legendary duelist?

1 pack and 10 packs difference

I still don't get it. What is the difference if i buy 1 pack of deck and buy 10 packs of the...

Account Recovery/duelist ID

I got the iPhone X this week and didn’t think to grab my Duelist ID or data x-fer or whatev...


In legends you need 5 wins to go up a rank If memory served me right this could also be: Wi...

Why would Elemental Hero Neos Knight Vs. Amzoness Swords Woman lead to damage?

Neos knight does no damage when attacking, but while dueling a Vagabond that had one out which I ...


When will Arkana be unlockable again? I started playing after his event

Extra deck

How to set extra set? Because i can't set extra deck. Please help me.



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I used the Cloudian/Ra farm and it worked fine for me, 8000k points.
No draw powers since Berry has 30 card deck and ends with 3 or 2 cards in the end. Very consisten...
You misread Ultimate Tyranno. It only prevents its controllar's other monsters from attackin...
I wanted to say fiend support, but Swordstalker is somehow a warrior.
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