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If I accidentally deleted a starter deck card like flame manipulator, is there anyway I can get him back? I need it to summon the flames swordsman, but now I can’t. Please let me know if there’s anyway to get this card back.


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there are so many fusion substitute monsters so just use one of them. one of Joey's level up cards has this effect( i think its called mystic sheep#1 or something).
Try to sell your Flame Swordsman dor the lul
use a fusion substitute monster to summon flame swordman,there no way geeting them back other than starting a new account

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Deck shared! #DuelLinks
Good Card for synchro summon. But i think we don’t get it
Too slow, but it's a start.
Not everyone as rich as you are.. please suggest some deck that don't require us to throw mo...
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