Hardest/ Toughest LD to farm/ beat

I think Bakura since his annoying Ectoplasmer and Burning Land


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Bakura can't get over a 2100 atk beater without man eater bug or some kind of board already established.
I'd either say Ishizu with her Gravekeeper's Visionary and Necrovalley or Aster with his Destiny End Dragoon.
Ishizu cause I can't concentrate and keep staring on her boobs.
Aster is an annoying one for sure. Either his dumb ass decks out or he summons his overpowered monsters.
When I had a 10,000 attack Ra with Fairy's Smile, and Bakura kills himself by eliminating his last chunk of LP with Burning Land before I can get the final blow in. It's true frustration! XD Ultimately, I think the worst one is Aster with his Destiny End Dragoons.
It depends on what cards you have. For me, every LD can be farmed with little problem, with bad hand being the sole problem. The only hard to farm LD is Yugi Muto, you need to counter his flip-each-turn monsters, destruction spell, and anti-attack trap.

Bakura wasnt that hard if you use the "mystic swordsman" farm deck posted in comment section.
Well at least he doesn't have this Destiny Board skill that he had during the events. That was horrible.
For me the hardest to farm is Aster. Bakura and Kaiba were too, but I'm done with them, fortunately.

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Only if you control a token. Hassleberry usually attacks all your token on his turn so no token l...
Run this one in Wight decks for that extra calcium.
Fuck off Masked troll
Aromages to counter the miasma as always
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