Legend 3 needing 5 wins is too harsh

Not the fact that you need 5 wins, but that it has to be 5 straight wins.

In 5 matches it isnt odd meeting a countermatchup, a bad hand, a dc, an enemy with a god hand or a loss in general.

Winning 4 out of 5 is a great win ratio, but it makes you have to start over.

I have gotten KoG several times now. However I am unsure if i will in february.

I am not playing less good than in previous seasons. In other seasons i was just more lucky in who i met in the last 5 matches.

After getting to the final 5ft match a handfull of times and losing, it gets really frustrating having to restart the 5 wins all over.

Anyone agrees that the 5 straight wins is too harsh?
What could be a good replacement idea?


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Yeah I agree it's tough but like another guy said I play at a certain time of day and I can usually get my row of 5 wins in, since that seems to be when the most rogue/straightforward decks appear.
10 times KOG here and I don't think streak of 5 five is TOO HARSH. It's hard, no doubt, but gives you a sense of achievement. The mistake you must be doing is not taking a break and going on a marathon to reach KOG, I always go one step at a time to avoid tilts and when the season is really hard I use my secret technique: play when japaneses are sleeping!!
If it wasn't hard, it wouldn't be worth the effort.
I've got KOG once only, lost rankup matches several times in other seasons. No regretsu.
I agree with you. But what else can you do?
It's a nuisance especially if it makes you go back and forth until essentially you get stuck.
I got Log first try, straight to legend 2 with six sams, then switched to triple electro-tragedy-ancient gears which brought me to log easily, beating 3 GB decks and something else I don't remember. Just keep battling and with some luck you'll eventually get it.
They made it that way so u get tilted and buy packs to build a stronger deck
I only hit KoG 1 time, BUT I don't use cheat at all unlike most of people. So I'm proud enough.
I think a point based system where you gain 1000 points for wins and 1000 for losing (just like the one in the second phase of the tournament) would be a better idea, you should reach a certain number of points to get to the next rank, win streaks would no longer be needed.
I agree completely, I stopped caring about Ranked after 1 KoG, considering you don't get much else other than gems and bragging rights.

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