Chaining confusion

I'm dueling Vaga. Vaga declares atk on my atk mode monster. I respond w/ my facedown mirror wall. Vaga chains to my mirrow wall with super rush headlong and wins the battle.

In a different duel. I atk an atk mode monster. Other player responds w/ a facedown mirror wall. Game doesnt allow me to chain w/ my super rush headlong and i lose the battle.

All my toggles are on. It appears to be exact same situation. Why couldnt i chain my super rush when Vaga could?

Duels with vaga couldnt be saved and all my saves were wiped during last update so got nothing to show for.


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Who's Vaga?
Generally there will be 2 prompts for S/T activation (of course you need to have those S/T to have these prompts active):

- Battle Step: i.e. when declare battle (Econ, SRH, etc)

- Damage Step: i.e. damage calculation (only ST that affects damage calculation, +ATK, -ATK, etc)
You can't activate Super Rush Headlong in the Damage Step. In general, AI opponents will always activate ATK/DEF altering effects in the Damage Step since they're harder to play around. Normally this is true for yourself under Auto timing, too, but if you have both a card that alters ATK/DEF and something like SRH or Enemy Controller that doesn't, it'll list the ATK changer as an option in that prompt also.

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backup rider targets. you'll still be locked by lost world.
Good Card for synchro summon. But i think we don’t get it
Too slow, but it's a start.
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