Hey guys I'm building some new decks and debating on what to spend my 1 UR dream ticket. I have a Darklord deck with triple of all the original stuff but only one Banishment and I have a BW deck with double simoon, gale, whirlwind, zephyros but only one Bora. Should I spend the ticket for one more banishment or one more whirlwind ? Which deck is more fun to play with and has better competitive possibilities?


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(FEB 28th) See, I told you, both dL and BW got nerfed lol. I'm always right.
Both decks will be nerfed after the upcoming KC Cup. Mark my words. I will come back to this thread when the banlist updates.
Either way is fine I guess.
You should grab Whirlwind or Banishment.

For BW: 3 Whirlwinds can help a lot for your consistency. 2 Simoon & 2 Gale is fine (I'm also using 2 Simoon & 2 Gale). Any missing copies of Bora can be replaced by Kris. So Run 3 Kris with that 1 Bora if you have to. There are slight downside that Kris can only be ss once per turn by its effect.

For DL: 2 Banishment + 3 Ixchel can already give good consistency (I think). I'm not a DL user BTW.
Both decks will be nerfed after the KC cup coming up soon. This is why Konami is a FRAUD. They make you buy decks, and then nerf them.
Depends on your choice lor

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