Bug report - Decklist not loading

Stuck at decklist tutorial and does not let me do anything else.


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Don't post the same bug 4 times!
too bad too sad

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how to unlock officer Tetsu trudge

nflict 4000 or more points of battle damage with a single attack in a Duel against Officer Tetsu ...

How to make 30000 battle damage in one turn

In The dark side of dimensions phase mission I have to make 30000 battle damage in one duel, I ha...

1, will vision hero faris be added to the dream ticket pool 2, will trading ever be a thing

Just don’t want to use my dream ticket if faris comes out and iv been wondering if trading ...

Whcih cards prevent cards from being banished?

Which cards in duel links prevent cards from being banished? Both the player and opponent? Or pla...

damage step

when is the damage step ends? if the monster effect activate/trigger after being sent to graveyar...

How do i unlock zane truesdale 2020?

I Need to beat the paradox brothers with jaden yuki but how is this even possible when they do no...

How can I check how many duels I've won with Leo?

Checking to see if there is a way to check

Trap Monsters

Hello so recently I returned to play Duel Links and I noticed that Trap Monsters like Odion'...


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Gia on duel links meta live stream sucks.
Oohhh, a Chaos style deck? Interesting idea.
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