Can you drop DL once you get Max DL?

28days ago


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28days ago
You won't lose DLv for losing duels if you are DLv 20 or below, at DLv 22 and at DLv Max.

Also, if you duel in round 2 you'll lose Duel Points (DP) whenever you lose a duel.
28days ago
yes so be careful

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I think there are two reasons: Twin burst is too good for now, so u have to sacrifice ur skill...
Fu*king Konami. nerfing F2P decks so people are forced to spend money. while leaving ridiculou...
Lunarlight is still competitive even after that. They didnt touch the fusion spell afterall. It ...
Select 1 monster whose original name is 'Blue-Eyes White Dragon'. The selected monster ...
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