What happened konami

Used to be a time when Konami would do unscheduled maintenance to fix an issue no one new about and give away 500 gems as an apology, now they have an issue for over a week in fixed and decide to only give a person 20 measly gems which doesn’t even cover the days of 5 gems that were lost because of the bug, way to @@@ the bed Konami

28days ago


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25days ago
I really don't see a problem here
26days ago
This is concerning
26days ago
then you're a noob, because konami used to give 500 gems for every maintenance back when it first launched
27days ago
Many games give gems as an apology for unscheduled maintenance but I don't remember konami doing this ever.
28days ago
It was not for over a week. It was 4 days so they gave you 4*5 = 20 gems.

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I say they should just revamp it into "If your LP is 2000 or less and you control no monster...
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Sure, it works. But it's not good enough to compete with meta decks.
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