My Account in DL

When I logged into duel links today the game started downloading as if I just installed it. I didn't do the data transfer thing but the ID is still the same ID I had. What happened to my account? Is everything gone ? Or I will get everything back once I download the data again ? Thanks 4 helping

28days ago


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27days ago
duel links is DLC is game which mean it requires to download more external contents it's finee
28days ago
You can always rescue your data with your Konami ID

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QR codes

How do I use the QR codes on my speed duel decks?
28days ago

any farm deck for any level 30 and 40 duelist pve

I am currently using vassal deck the one that on this website high score one. Need a good farm de...
28days ago

They need to Add Antinomy/Bruno

Lets get the TG's going. It's about time that Archtype makes its way to Duel Links
28days ago

Is street replay bugged?

I can't watch my street replay for Mokuba. I click the TV and it says there isn't a vie...

(Nightshroud) atticus rhodes

why hasn't he arrived yet

we need more Yu-Gi-Oh! DM characters

just bring a few characters from Duel Monsters please

Does duel links work well on a Samsung Galaxy s20 5G?

I got a new phone and I want to make a second account on it. But I don't just which phones a...

Can some1 help me with deckbuilding

Well i lost my account 2 years ago. So i had to start again from beginning. Now Alter i lost my 2...

ultimate providence against shiranui sunsaga

why can't i use ultimate providence to negate shiranui sunsaga's skill of banishing mon...


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So, undefeatable is called balance, what kind of idiot parents give birth to your idiot brain. Th...
Somehow you ignore the fact that the OP asked about recipe from the Pduque13 DM deck, and then yo...
I think there are two reasons: Twin burst is too good for now, so u have to sacrifice ur skill...
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