Can some1 help me with deckbuilding

Well i lost my account 2 years ago. So i had to start again from beginning. Now Alter i lost my 2ond account i tried a 3th Time xd

Lucky i found a bill from 2018. So i was able to recover my account. Even i have strong cards i cant handle the meta.

How can i spend my 3.5k gems now?


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I'd say get decks as they're guaranteed good cards, theres alot of ways to make neos fusion work well.
Go for shiranui if you want to be competitive fast without spending a fortune.
3.5k isn't very many
Buy either Soul of Resurrection (for Shiranui) or Dark Dimension (for Aleister & E-Sabers).

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I don't know. Maybe a selection box with 300 packs? I would still buy that whole box 3 time...
No I just got my 3 cryston impacts. And one was very last pack next day its hit
You were trying to fool others players who you could one day encounter by making them believe the...
It seems like they will never limit this. Just get 3 copies.
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