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So for us F2Ps, now that we have 2 SR Dreams, would it be wise to go to complete the playset of Red Eyes fusion or Geartown? They aren't meta anymore however most box SRs are actually not hard to get with gems, whereas for F2Ps those tickets are the only way to get SD cards beyond 1 copy.


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Install the Google Surveys app, guys. Gives you free money to spend on Structure Decks. Like everyone said, you´re better off using them on Box cards.
Do NOT use your tickets on Geartown or Reactor Dragon cause you'll still be stuck with 1x Wyvern. Wyvern is a KEY card for Ancient Gears, and you can only get 3x by buying the deck 3x. (rip swooce)
Neither. Structure decks are relatively cheap. Unless you really need one of these cards to complete your deck you're better off spending your ticket on a box card.

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@@@ing Konami. nerfing F2P decks so people are forced to spend money.
The worse thing is they prefer update the banlist instead of release a good box containing new to...
Considering you also dont have stratos, it could only be the one from d hero structure deck + ank...
Fun deck not amazing but fun
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