Secret missions and Easter eggs

How people know for the first time the secret missions to unlock LDs like Odion,Crow Hogan in the first place(not by googling)and Easter eggs like Konami bonous(Win a duel with 5730 Life Points remaining)?

5days ago


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5days ago
They don't. You can only find this out by coincidence.

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Which pack contains dna surgery

Dna surgery
5days ago

What happens if you synchro summon Star Eater with Needle Gunner as one of their materials?

Star Eater is unaffected by other effects when attacking and Needle Soldier's effect gives w...
6days ago

Elborz, the Sacred Lands of Simorgh

any plans to bring this card into the game? I thing it would be very interesting impact to meta
6days ago

What is the limit of the gift box inventory?

I search about it some says it is 99 others 150 . So what is the real limit in the gift inventory?
10days ago

Event playmats and card sleeves

So my question is i started to play duel links again after a 2 year break and fell in love with y...
11days ago

Does tributing 2 monsters on my side consider as 'monsters are destroyed'?

I was thinking about the description in the card 'Theinen the great sphinx'. It says yo...
11days ago


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Trash? Think of this scenario. Revive Sunsaga from the graveyard, throw spirit master into gy ins...
She really does look good in DSOD. Butthurt Kaiba can't just live with the fact Atem will...
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