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Why I can't fusion summon lunalight cat dancer in this situation? As all knows dark magician deck has no cards that stops opponent from activating a spell card ... in this case my face down card is lunalight fusion. But why I can't activate it ... before anyone say i made some kind of mistake , I have been playing duel links for 5 months and also there is no monster effect or trap card there in my opponent's graveyard to prevent me from activating a spell .. so what is going on here?


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See, that's the point. You are absolutely right but nobody cares. Welcome to the wonderful world of anonymous comments.
I don't really understand guys how a simple Q and A lead people from answering a question to call (who post the question) him Idiot/hypocrite. Well for all your information the new ban list just get updated recently on 21 may so it is common for someone who is playing the game for quite some time find it hard to get (as he never remember all the new things in that banlist) that he lost a duel in the circumstance in which he thought he will definitely win this turn .. grit and no mortal can resist got nerfed.. so it is quite common for anyone.. it is quite uncommon for people starting an online rogue conversation about a person they don't know
I really like those helpful answers
before anyone says i made a mistake, ive been playing maplestory for 12 years so i cant be wrong idiots -_-
He did a mistake? That's the most evil thing you can do in the world wide web. Everyone should blame him!
Yeah I did. But now I am well aware thanks to you
So you DID make some kind of mistake? lol
Yeah. I missed the skill part .. grit prevented me from summoning. NEW BANLIST ATTACK
Did you use Grit? Check out the new description of that skill

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I've been playing for more than 2 years and never bother to do pvp.
Calm your salt nerd. Play around good decks. Not dm or cd players fault you lose to basic decks
Seriously one of if not the worst ban list so far. DM and Shiranui get IF ANYTHING the smallest s...
I almost got it right, they hit the Type Zero Magic Crusher on the ban list, but left Kickfire ou...
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