Transferred my data to the wrong account...

I mostly play this game on my PC via steam.
So I made another account on phone to try out some new decks and to play the game casually
After a while i wanted to transfer the data from my Main account (PC) to my phone account
But I've accidentally done it the other way around (my 2nd account replaced my main account)
I lost all my progress and a considerable amount of money that I've spent on this game.
that was around a year ago when i stopped playing this game, my question is can i get my lost account back?


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Which ID did you sign in on your phone? (Konami or GooglePlay ID)
Have you tried to contact the Konami support? They can usually help you. You can find a way to contact them within the options in this game.

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It seems like they will never limit this. Just get 3 copies.
They won't release this card, maybe we get acid instead
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