Nerf proof deck?

Hi there. Im a casual gamer and i come back to this game every couple of months. Im not intere at ed in investing time into meta decks that keep getting nerfed. I just want a single
Consistent deck that i can use no matter what nerfs are being made. Is there any suggestion?


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Except for DM's. daddy konami is always gonna take good care of their DM baby
if a deck is too weak to get nerfed its gonna rotate out when new more powerful cards are launched, every now and then ur gonna have to create a new deck. Just make sure to get the good generalist UR's and not those specific to 1 archtype.
Dm or blue-eyes
Use a deck that is really bad. Those decks won't get nerfed.
Maybe Yosenju control or some kind of lava golem stall burn with shadow game.
There is no nerf proof deck. Just pick a decent rogue deck that you think is fun to play. I'm still having fun with my Six Sam and can still reach KoG with it. Others are still doing fine Fur Hires or Sylvans. Those decks have all been nerfed but are still decent enough.
hmm, If you dont mind about the non-meta deck.
I think Ancient Gear, Dragunity or Gladiator Beast are quite good.

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Now 3 Circle is likely absolutely mandatory.
Somehow you ignore the fact that the OP asked about recipe from the Pduque13 DM deck, and then yo...
I think there are two reasons: Twin burst is too good for now, so u have to sacrifice ur skill...
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