How can I check how many duels I've won with Leo?

Checking to see if there is a way to check

16days ago


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15days ago
ok, check! xd
15days ago
You can't

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Trap Monsters

Hello so recently I returned to play Duel Links and I noticed that Trap Monsters like Odion'...
16days ago

What happened konami

Used to be a time when Konami would do unscheduled maintenance to fix an issue no one new about a...
28days ago

My Account in DL

When I logged into duel links today the game started downloading as if I just installed it. I did...
28days ago

About Data Transfer

I Did the data transfer thing a year ago. Do I have to do it again or it saves it forever?
28days ago

QR codes

How do I use the QR codes on my speed duel decks?
28days ago

any farm deck for any level 30 and 40 duelist pve

I am currently using vassal deck the one that on this website high score one. Need a good farm de...
28days ago

They need to Add Antinomy/Bruno

Lets get the TG's going. It's about time that Archtype makes its way to Duel Links
28days ago

Is street replay bugged?

I can't watch my street replay for Mokuba. I click the TV and it says there isn't a vie...


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From what I saw most players barely have both a complete Shiranui and Invoker and DM decks becaus...
Somehow you ignore the fact that the OP asked about recipe from the Pduque13 DM deck, and then yo...
I think there are two reasons: Twin burst is too good for now, so u have to sacrifice ur skill...
Lunarlight is still competitive even after that. They didnt touch the fusion spell afterall. It ...
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