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Hello so recently I returned to play Duel Links and I noticed that Trap Monsters like Odion's Ace monster will no longer stay in Trap and Sells zones is this glitch? Yet the card itself mentioned that trap monster is also a trap card but at same time allows me to place a another one??

This ruling was different during 2018 as I remember correctly..

Please help me

16days ago


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15days ago
That's from a ruling update a few months ago :
15days ago
15days ago
That's from a ruling update a few months ago:

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I've been playing for more than 2 years and never bother to do pvp.
Calm your salt nerd. Play around good decks. Not dm or cd players fault you lose to basic decks
Seriously one of if not the worst ban list so far. DM and Shiranui get IF ANYTHING the smallest s...
I almost got it right, they hit the Type Zero Magic Crusher on the ban list, but left Kickfire ou...
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