How do i unlock zane truesdale 2020?

I Need to beat the paradox brothers with jaden yuki but how is this even possible when they do not spawn in the gx world? am i missing something?

16days ago


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1days ago
Switch to GX World and put Jaden Yuki as active character. Click on the Legendary Duelists Gate. Click on the circle on top left to change world. You can fight other worlds' duelists as Jaden Yuki.
4days ago
Did you find the way yo unlock Zane? I want to build a Cyber Dragon deck but i need Zane
15days ago
its a paradox.....
15days ago
Just duel them at the gate by selecting the og yu gi oh world duelists

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28days ago


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Considering you also dont have stratos, it could only be the one from d hero structure deck + ank...
Fun deck not amazing but fun
I don't know. Maybe a selection box with 300 packs? I would still buy that whole box 3 time...
No I just got my 3 cryston impacts. And one was very last pack next day its hit
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