Is anyone else missing Amazoness Swords Woman from the RANKED TICKET EXCHANGE LIST?

Looked for this card in the ticket exchange card pool but couldn't find it :/


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Last added drop reward is not in trade pool:
they are going to have some new cards in the ticket exchange after august 31st.
They dont put that card in SR ticket list. Meaning we need to farm Mai to get it, theres no other way right now

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Someone can tell me wich pack is used to build the best decks?

im new to the game and wanna become the new king of gamess

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Will normal marik be playable?

İ just love him this game should bring him



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Lvl 30 gives better rewards trust me
The gem is not changed yet it still 1 gem ,Konami that the biggest mistake ever I seen
Black Rose Dragon boom goes your field, yay Akiza.
That card looks powerful because it's destroy all cards on field when this card was synchro ...
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