Someone can tell me wich pack is used to build the best decks?

im new to the game and wanna become the new king of gamess


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thank you everyone i've just made a naturia deck and i'm kicking ass now xD XD
Dawn of destiny pack
if your'e on kaiba, you can make a cheap naturia deck, but you also need some support cards like mirror wall and econ so gl
Lol at electric overload, when im tpstart buying thus everyone come to the page saying thus pack suck. Now, "omfg kog decks buy buy buy..."
Broadly, I guess, Marik "closed" the City Battle arc. Which is unfortunate because I really wish I had seen Lumis and Umbra in the game.
What we will have in front of us are two ways: either Konami follows with the anime (and returns a little bit) with the Virtual World arc (with Noah) and then with Walking the Dragons arc (with Dartz) or it goes right straight to Pharaoh's Memories when then I really think that Yugi Moto will be releasable.
You should really focus mostly on building up a solid farm deck and worry about KoG in a few weeks.

Dawn of Destiny is a solid box for beginners if you start Kaiba. 2 cheaper decks from it are pretty solid with his level-up skills.
Imo, you prob want to buy a bunch of Dawn of Destiny / Electric Overload if you want to focus on 1 box. If you buy Dawn of Destiny, you can make a decent deck such as Phoenix Nephtys or Naturia. And if you decide to buy Electric Overload, you can make XYZ, Frog, Ninja, and even Ice Barrier deck
"im new to the game and wanna become the new king of gamess"

dawn of destiny, crimson kingdom are the two best sets imo, but the older boxes have some really good spell and trap cards.
Correction: Electric Overload or Dawn of Destiny
Electric Overload or Land of the Titans

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Black Rose Dragon boom goes your field, yay Akiza.
That card looks powerful because it's destroy all cards on field when this card was synchro ...
When the support cards that help this card are coming?
3rd Meltiel > 2nd Voltanis
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